Here is video on Youtube of Berryman being interviewed by Al Alvarez in a bar in Dublin in 1967, then reading Dream Song 14: “Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.”

A later Song, number 366:

Chilled in this Irish pub I wish my loves

well, well to strangers, well to all his friends,

seven or so in number.

I forgive my enemies, especially two,

races his heart, at so much magnanimity,

can it at all be true?

-Mr Bones, you on a trip outside yourself.

Has you seen a medicine man? You sound will-like,

a testament & such.

Is you going? -Oh, I suffer from a strike

& a strike & three balls: I stand up for much,

Wordsworth & that sort of thing.

The pitcher dreamed. He threw a hazy curve,

I took it in my stride & out I struck,

lonesome Henry.

These Songs are not meant to be understood, you understand,

They are only meant to terrify & comfort.

Lilac was found in his hand.


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